February 12, 2015

Messaging and sales qualification

Much of my consulting revolves around messaging, and in particular the need to have multiple specific messages for multiple audiences. Increasingly often, I find myself discussing that in terms of sales qualification, because there’s a strong duality between message crafting and qualification:

Recall the layered messaging model, whose wording I’ll update to:

A good messaging stack works well on all five of those layers. 

*Service Level Agreements, aka speeds or other metrics.

The messaging/qualification duality is straightforward on the business, features and design layers alike. The messaging–>qualification direction looks like:

The qualification–>messaging link starts with:

In summary, then:

Of course, there’s a second set of qualifying questions that boil down to “If you decide you want this, do you have the money and ability to actually buy it?” But I don’t have anything special to say about those at this time.


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