March 4, 2018

We’ve been fixing

After a nasty bit of hacking — plus over 5000 spam comments that made it past Akismet — I think we’re back in business. PLEASE tell me if you detect any further problems with this blog. There’s an email address at the Contact link; also, I’m CurtMonash on Twitter and Facebook alike.

December 29, 2013

The core of strategy

This blog is based on two precepts that also guide my consulting:

Let’s spell that out.

Messaging is the core of strategy

The enterprise software business, in simplest terms, is about the building, marketing and selling of software. Messaging is central to all of those activities! In particular:

If we add another level of complexity, the story changes only a little. Read more

September 8, 2008

Enterprise IT marketing — a layered messaging model

Two things matter about marketing messages:

It’s easy to meet one or the other of those criteria. What’s tricky is satisfying both at once.

Many marketing consultants, me included, would phrase the core messaging challenge in terms such as:

What’s the most compelling claim you can make that people will actually find credible?

Read more

January 9, 2008

What all this political blogging has to do with the enterprise software industry

It may seem odd that I’m posting so much about politics rather than technology. Rest assured, however, that it makes sense to me. The connection between the two subjects is that enterprise technology marketing and political campaigning are a LOT alike. I have many reasons for feeling that way, but most of them boil down to this: In both enterprise technology and in politics, you can directly influence how your competitors are perceived.
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January 8, 2008

The look and feel of this blog will change rapidly

We’re having a major blog redesign soon, which will be reflected in this new one as well the others.  In the mean time, we may use this one to experiment a bit.

January 8, 2008

What I hope to do in this blog

I make my living in a number of ways, all related to technology or to the technology business. I write. I give speeches. And I consult, to technology vendors, users, and investors alike. What this all boils down to is two areas of expertise:

I already write several blogs about technology, such as DBMS 2 (database and analytic technology, mainly), Text Technologies (text mining, search, and some general internet stuff), and the Monash Report (everything else). This, however, is going to be the primary blog in which I write about strategic marketing.

I will start by focusing on two specific subjects for marketing — software products and political candidates. That may seem like an odd juxtaposition, but they actually have a great deal in common. Never mind the new cliches about marketing being a “conversation” — in politics and enterprise technology alike, marketing is a debate. Read more

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