December 29, 2013

The core of strategy

This blog is based on two precepts that also guide my consulting:

Let’s spell that out.

Messaging is the core of strategy

The enterprise software business, in simplest terms, is about the building, marketing and selling of software. Messaging is central to all of those activities! In particular:

If we add another level of complexity, the story changes only a little.

Hardware/appliance configurations bring even less change to the discussion, except in the rare cases when one vendor gains preferred access to scarce components. So all told, messaging ties into a majority of software/service/appliance vendor strategic concerns.

The picture I’ve drawn here is very different from what you’d see in a discussion of Michael Porter competitive strategy, a 1970s paradigm that views strategy mainly from an old-industry standpoint. Not coincidentally, few 1970s MBAs accomplished much in the software business.

Messaging has many targets

Messages are consumed by many different kinds of people, for example technical personnel at buying organizations, business personnel at buying organizations, and various kinds of third-party influencer. Messaging needs to have different parts that are tailored to these different audiences.

Anybody who regards messaging as monolithic is being dangerously sloppy, or else doesn’t understand the IT industry.

Messaging is noisy

Messaging gets obstructed in multiple ways.

Craft your messages with care

Several of my posts offer guides to robust messaging. Most notably:

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