January 15, 2016

PR (or AR) pitch emails

I believe:

My support for these views includes:

My top tip for pitch emails is: Approve the pitch emails a PR firm writes before they are sent out!!!! There are two big reasons for this: 

My next tranche of tips is:

Perhaps the safest template for pitch emails starts:

That all should fit in the opening paragraph, or else in the paragraph after “Hi! I hope all is going wonderfully in your life, and that it has been filled with chocolate and unicorns!”

Next comes a paragraph (possibly a longish one, or perhaps two shorter ones if that fits your writing style better) with more details on the news and its importance. This part need not be concise; in particular, the news part should be long enough to be clear. You might want have versions for two or more groups of recipients, because:

Ideally, you’ll totally customize this part for those influencers you talk with more frequently.

You should end with a boilerplate reminder of who the company is. Some recipients will welcome that, and the rest generally won’t mind.

One last note: It’s actually a good idea to hit people with several kinds of news at the same time. If a company is introducing cool new technology and has sold its older versions to impressive customers and has other momentum (hires, funding, whatever), that can all add up to persuading busy people to pay attention. But lumping that all into one email (likewise into one press release) increases the degree of difficulty in communications. Each kind of news should have its own press release and pitch email.

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