July 9, 2014

Judging opportunities

This is the first of a not-very-organized series of posts on two related subjects:

Most of my posts can be said to touch on those areas, especially the latter one. But in this series I’ll try to be more direct about it.

Useful background may be found in:

For a new company in a new enterprise IT product category, the path to success may be oversimplified as:

I think both Geoffrey Moore and Clayton Christensen would support that general formulation, with differences including:

While this story is clearest in the new company/new category scenario, it also applies more broadly. If you’re considering a new product in an old company (and not just one that will appeal to your existing customer base), or a differentiated new entrant to an existing category, similar considerations apply.

With that as background, some of the key considerations that govern the quality of a market opportunity are:

Further, since there surely will be favorable answers to these questions at some customer accounts, we have the crucial qualifiers:

Since I’m on record as believing that messaging is the core of strategy, you might think I believe that messaging plays into all this somewhere. You’d be very correct. For as noted above, it is important to persuade people that your offering is high-value, cool, not too weird, and sufficiently complete.

One last thing — these have all been general considerations. If you think there’s an opportunity out there, you also need to directly consider whether YOUR TEAM will be able to seize it. My thoughts on that final and critical issue start:

The series so far


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